“There are so many qualities in Nick’s teaching that I could pinpoint as the reason I progressed so much with my voice. I could talk about their endless passion for staying up to date with the new developments in vocal theory, their vast knowledge and experience with singing and musicality, or their patience and approachability that put me instantly at ease despite my nervousness during our first lesson.
    But the one aspect of Nick’s teaching that really made the biggest impact on my learning is how they taught me how to listen and truly analyze the voices I aspired to sound more similar to. They taught me to gauge the discrepancies in the various components of those voices compared to my own, so that I could explore and mimic qualities of others that I admired. 
More than anything, Nick helped foster a confidence and a passion for vocal alteration so that the excitement I feel about expanding and developing my abilities overrides any trepidation or anxiety that I have when I’m doubtful or lacking confidence. Nick made me aware not just what is possible with voice, but they made me feel like I am capable of attaining those possibilities, which is, in my opinion, what every teacher should aspire to do.”

-Makoto Nomura