Student Policy

• You are highly encouraged to record private lessons to make use of during your practice. It is recommended that you use the record feature on the desktop version of Zoom.

• Written consent must be requested and received before sharing any lesson recordings or cuts that involve people other than yourself.

• You are encouraged to enable your camera during meetings, but it will never be mandatory.

• Participants are considered present once they have entered the meeting room

• Meeting duration will not be extended past the scheduled time on account of tardiness. Tardiness in excess of 10 minutes will be considered absence unless notice is received before the scheduled meeting time.

• Refunds will not be offered due to absence. Opportunity to reschedule may be granted with advance notice of absence due to extenuating circumstances, but is not guaranteed.

• Habitual attendance issues may result in the denial of further services as it deprives others of the opportunity to receive instruction.

• The scheduling page may be used to schedule meetings from 48 hours to 3 months in advance. You will be contacted as soon as possible to reschedule if your scheduled meeting time becomes unavailable.

• Meetings must be scheduled within one month of purchase. Refunds will not be permitted for a failure to schedule meetings in a timely fashion.

• If unavailable to be loaned, you are required to find, purchase, or otherwise produce your own materials such as sheet music, backing tracks, etc.

• Any materials loaned to you must be returned within one week of their delivery to you.

• You may keep any digital documents, recordings, or other files sent to you unless otherwise stated. You must request and receive written consent before distributing any such files.

Cancellation, Rescheduling, and Refunds
• The scheduling page may be used to cancel or reschedule meetings a week or more in advance of the scheduled meeting time. Written requests to cancel or reschedule within a week of the scheduled meeting may be approved if circumstances permit.

• Rescheduling or refunds requested due to extenuating situations may be granted if circumstances permit, but they are not guaranteed.

• Friendliness and playfulness are encouraged, but a professional respect must be present at all times. Inappropriate or harmful actions and behaviors may result in the denial of further services.