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About Me

Nicholas Taylor Grigsby

Vocal Coach • Performer • Student

I am originally from the Shoals area of northwestern Alabama. I’ve loved exploring all of the things voices can do ever since I can remember—both on stage and at home. I began vocal coaching in 2017 and joined the Trans Voice Lessons team in November 2020.

I’ve enjoyed helping people train both speech and song. That training has included music theatre and contemporary singing styles, voice acting, and vocal gender expression—especially for trans and non-binary folks. The thing I love most about this work is building genuine relationships with students and experiencing growth right alongside them. As an instructor, I help people to excel using practice methods developed with respect to principles from vocal learning, acoustics, anatomy & physiology, performance psychology, and more.

I am currently pursuing a master’s degree in Voice Pedagogy from the University of Wales Trinity Saint David, focusing on the neural and psychological processes involved in vocal learning.

What I Teach

I primarily teach…

• Singing
• Vocal Gender Expression
• Voice Acting
• Music Theory Basics (Reading music, ear training, etc.)

…though I am happy to provide guidance on a multitude of performance-related subjects, such as scientific theory, audition prep, songwriting, and more!

Business Hours

• Tuesdays – 10:30am to 5:45pm
• Thursdays – 10:30am to 5:45pm

All times are listed in US Central Time

Scheduling on other weekdays is reserved for TransVoiceLessons.com students.

What Voice Lessons Are Like

My voice lessons usually follow the pattern of…

• Introduction/Review
• Discussion of Goals and Progress
• Guided Training and Technique Development
• Development of a Practice Plan
• Closing Question and Answer Session

…but exceptions will be made according to your needs!

How Online Voice Lessons Work

Online voice lessons aren’t very different from in-person lessons!

I use Zoom to meet with students online. As long as you have a decent internet connection, camera, and microphone setup, the only significant difference is a slight delay! To counter that, we’ll use recordings instead of live accompaniment.

Fortunately, online lessons are can be easily recorded and watched again as a fantastic practice tool!

Where to Purchase Lessons

You can click this link or contact transvoicelessons@gmail.com!

Contact Me

Nicholas Taylor Grigsby
• Email: contact@vocal.coach

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